Content Management

Avoid the pain of no have a CMS

A lot of design firms create websites that don’t have a built-in content management system, so you’re left having to rely on them for changes or to implement a 3rd party system, both of which can be costly, time-consuming and frustrating.

The keys to your own success

Our philosophy on content management is that of a home builder. Like a house, after your website is built, we give you the key and you can maintain the house and its contents. Decorate, rearrange the furniture, add things, subtract things, etc. You wouldn’t call your architecture to change out a picture on a wall or get you new linens!

Change is at your finger tips

Ipixels Mediaworks specializes in Custom WordPress Development – a Content Management or CMS platform created for ease of use when it comes to Website Content Management. The Web, like any digital medium is fluid, adaptable and therefore requires the tools that support the rapidity of change inherent to the Internet. So whether you’re updating text, changing out images, uploading videos, and distributing information through other online channels like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc., efficient content management is at your finger tips.

Contact us to find out how we put you in the driver’s seat when managing your Web content.

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