Is your website mobile friendly?

With the number of smart phone users on the rise, the number of people viewing websites on mobile devices is growing exponentially – an estimated 110% a year!  This means that if extra measures aren’t taken to ensure Web usability on a mobile device, you could be missing a large segment of your audience/customer base.

Mobile web design best practices

Ipixels Mediaworks has special considerations and best practices for Mobile Web Design.  For instance, not using large graphics or Flash on certain pages because it may be hard to view or not viewable at all. The extra investment to have your website or select Web pages/content translate well to a hand held medium is becoming more common and more necessary.

Show your visitors what you want them to see

Our Mobile Web Development, and use of the iPhone Web App, and the iPad Web App ensure a mobile-friendly format for your website so that your visitors see what you want them to see, no matter how they got there.

Contact us to learn about our Mobile Web packages to keep you up-to-date with new technology and its users.

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