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Mobile Web Browsing At All Time High

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Wait, what’s mobile web browsing, you ask? I’m not talking about walking while window shopping or even searching for the perfect spinning toy to hang above your baby’s crib. Mobile internet browsing, for our purposes, is what you see all the teenagers doing nowadays – noses deep in their cell phones or iPads browsing the internet for the latest news and trends on the go.

Mobile Browsing

Statistics About Mobile Web Browsing

Recent data published by leading digital stats reporter Comscore tells us that mobile web browsing reached an all-time record high during the last quarter of 2011. Some 234 million Americans age 13 and older used mobile devices. That’s over 75% of the US population! And of these folks, 97.9 million owned smartphones, representing a whopping 40 percent of all mobile subscribers!

Put simply, more than 3 out of every 4 Americans uses a mobile device. And roughly 3 out of every 10 Americans have a smartphone that is capable of surfing the Internet. The fun part is thinking ahead to what it will be like in the future; say the year 2020, where we could imagine statistics that are more like “9 out of 10 Americans have 2 or more devices – attached to their eyeballs!”

Of folks with a mobile phone, close to 75% use them for text messaging. Almost 48% of users downloaded and used applications on their phones. Applications are tiny programs that you use on your phone to make tasks easier – like using Facebook or even checking your bank account numbers. Following this upward trend, mobile banking access is up 74% from where it was last year.

Mobile Browsing

Why You Should Consider a Mobile Website for Your Company

What do these mobile web browsing statistics have to do with you? Well, if you’re part of a company that has a presence online, this means that others might be trying to find information about your company not just on a standard computer, but from a mobile internet browsing device like an iPad or iPhone. What you need in order to secure a place in this market, is mobile application development. You need a custom web application that makes it easy for your customer to view your website on their mobile device!

Don’t Lose Customers by Staying Ahead of the Game

Because if it’s very difficult to get your company’s information in this easy format, then chances are the searcher will just abandon their attempt to get info about you at that point – potentially abandoning a sale or inquiry just because your site is not easy to navigate. For an online retailer, this could mean a lot of business lost; that you possibly didn’t even know was looking for you!

Take action to make sure that your website is optimized for viewing on these mobile devices. This means you’ll need to have someone program your website to respond and look differently depending on the device a user is looking at. Stay tuned for a blog post coming up soon that tells you why you need to know the difference between responsive and mobile-optimized web sites!

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